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Colorado rumored to be discussing online gaming legislation

The pendulum continues to swing toward a robust online casino industry

Online casinos have been given the green light in only a handful of states, but there is anticipation for significant expansion. Recent comments, however, suggest that Colorado might be open to venturing into this lucrative industry.

Recently, the executive director of the Colorado Department of Revenue unveiled discussions underway, signaling the Centennial State’s potential entry into the world of online casinos. At the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCGLS) in Denver, Mark Ferrandino, emphasized the potential financial benefits of legalizing online casinos in Colorado. In addition to bolstering the state’s revenue, this move could also establish competition with various jurisdictions. Currently, discussions surrounding the legalization of online gambling across the US are taking place.

Finding enough support in Colorado won’t be easy. First, the state legislature would have to approve a bill, which would then go to the governor for his signature. The next step would be to present a measure to voters, who would make the final decision on whether online casinos should be allowed in the state.

Once this legislative journey concludes, retail casinos would then be eligible to submit applications for licensing to operate online gambling platforms. Interestingly, while a number of states have embraced and legalized online sports betting, the expansion of online casinos has been comparatively sluggish. Presently, a mere six states have granted legal approval for the existence of online casinos.

Rhode Island has recently joined the online casino industry, bringing a fresh wave of excitement. And while Colorado eagerly follows suit, it appears that the eagerly anticipated launch of online casinos in the state wouldn’t be possible until the spring of 2025, at the earliest.

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