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Colombia exploring updated gambling legislation on advertising

Colombia exploring updated gambling legislation on advertising

Gambling operators are going to find it more difficult to attract new customers

Colombian gaming regulator Coljuegos recently published a draft resolution in its bid to regulate advertising activities, sponsorships, promotions and other forms of commercial communication regarding competitive games. The main points of the legislation to control the conditions for authorized operators to advertise state that “the advertising and games offered must be clearly identified through the approved brand for each one of them.”

Among the project highlights are establishing advertising investment limits, which were previously unclear. Each operator would have a spending limit according to its level of contributions in the previous year. New operators would have a limit based on an intermediate scale. The advertiser’s corporate name and commercial image must be clearly indicated, according to the head of Coljuegos, Marco Emilio Hincapié Ramírez.

Licensees must submit “an investment plan expressed in amounts, which shall not exceed the investment limit.” If an operator exceeds the fixed limit, “it will be subject to a fine equivalent to up to 100% of the amount exceeded in the investment,” according to the proposal.

The regulation also defines sports sponsorship rules referring to “professional teams, regardless of the number and discipline to which they correspond, in each of the existing professional categories and that participate in sports tournaments of their discipline.”

The bill also establishes that video platforms and social networks may share their activities as long as they meet the requirements. These include measures to avoid reaching minors, conveying responsible gambling messages and providing tools to block such advertisements.

The announcement follows the Agency of the Inspector General of Taxes, Revenues and Parafiscal Contributions (ITRC) issuing a reserved report that says Coljuegos allegedly committed irregularities when awarding contracts to operate games of luck or chance from 2018 through 2022.

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