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Brazil lawmakers determine when they’ll vote on casino legalization bill

Brazil lawmakers determine when they'll vote on casino legalization bill

The bill is closer to possibly being approved after considerable debate

Brazilian Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco remarked on June 25 that a vote on the bill proposed to allow casinos, bingos, and jogo do bicho should be held after the parliamentary recess, which begins in August. “There’s no need to rush this. We can vote later. But it will be voted on.” Pacheco believes it should be sent straight to the House Plenary.

Lawmakers opposed to the bill suggested that it should first be processed by the Economic Affairs Commission (CAE).

“This topic has completed the committee phase; now it’s time to find a date to discuss it in the Senate Plenary. This topic has already been discussed enough; whoever is in favor is in favor, and whoever is against is against. Everyone has their arguments. It is very important that it be submitted to a vote,” declared Pacheco.

When questioned whether a vote could be held before the August recess, Pacheco answered that other more important matters must first be reviewed, and lawmakers could still discuss gambling legalization in the Plenary.

“It will depend on the mood of the leaders. But perhaps it would be convenient to have thematic debate sessions in the Senate Plenary so that we can discuss with experts who defend and who are against,” he said.

Pacheco said he thinks it’s “convenient” to discuss the matter in the Plenary before taking a vote. “There is no need to rush this. We can vote perfectly after the recess. But it will be voted on, it will be, because, having passed through the Chamber, through the Senate’s CCJ, with a pre-disposition from the Executive, we have to submit it to a vote,” he added.

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