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Brazil could include casinos with upcoming sports betting regulations

Brazil could include casinos with upcoming sports betting regulations

A push is on to bring back legal casinos to Brazil as sports betting approaches its launch

It appears as though Brazil may be closer to considering legal casinos than previously thought. Information published by Demétrio Vecchioli in the Column Olhar Olímpico on Portal Uol on September 6 says that casinos may be included in the proposed sports betting regulation currently being debated in the National Congress.

The Ministry of Sport tends to stay with deputy André Fufuca, who is connected to the President of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP), and may see an increase in resources if the regulation is passed. Casinos may be on the parliamentarians’ agenda on Friday, September 8, when the sports betting issue becomes critical, according to the Olhar Olímpico column.

Rapporteur and Deputy Adolfo Viana (PSDB-PA) has already announced to party leaders that he’ll add the topic to the proposal that should be considered next week. “The project dealt only with online sports betting when we all know that the bulk of these online bets are in gambling, such as online casinos, and so on,” said Lira. “Then the project must encompass all the circumstances of everything that is done online, contrary to Brazilian legislation, the payment of taxes, job creation,” he added.

A new Secretariat for Sports Betting must also be established based on the Ministry of Finance’s order. It would be headed by José Francisco Manssur, the special advisor of the folder controlled by Fernando Haddad. However, the PP may change its plans to ask the Secretariat for Sports Betting to be part of the Ministry of Sport, which Haddad opposes. Deputy Fufuca should take over the Ministry of Sport.

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva recently met with the current head of the Ministry of Sport, Ana Moser, on Tuesday night to inform her that she will possibly be replaced by Fufuca. However, the president’s decision has not yet been made official.

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