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Brazil considers including fantasy games in gambling legislation

Brazil’s lawmakers continue to tweak gambling and betting legislative initiatives

Brazilian lawmakers are divided on the issue of including fantasy games in the legal framework for the electronic games industry. During a Wednesday debate on bill 2,796/2021, senators defended postponing a vote on the matter, which is ready to be deliberated in the House Plenary.

The bill defines fantasy games as virtual competitions based on the performance of actual athletes. Players will “climb” imaginary teams of characters, simulating the actual stats accumulated by professional athletes in various sports.

Some lawmakers defended the inclusion of fantasy games in PL 2,796/2021, while others say it could open a loophole for gaming providers to pay less taxes.

Vilson Antonio Romero, president of the National Association of Tax Auditors of the Federal Revenue (ANFIP), thinks that bill PL 2,796/2021 should be terminated, suggesting that the provisions should be analyzed in an independent proposal and submitted to Senate committees for analysis.

President of the Brazilian Association of Law and Economics, Oksandro Gonçalves, describes PL 2,796/2021 as “a widespread confusion.” He added, “It’s not exactly a landmark. The object is not clear, the definitions are not properly framed, and there is widespread confusion regarding several aspects. If it intends to bring legal certainty, these definitions must be precise. It’s a collection of loose items that need to be sorted. This is only possible through great discussion, and not through urgent requests.”

Ministry of Finance General Betting Coordinator Simone Vicentini highlighted the bill’s financial impact, saying, “With these exemptions, the estimated loss of revenue is around R$800 million (US$163,039,040) per year. The Federal Revenue is contrary in this aspect. From a technical point of view, due to controversies and controversial points, we understand that it is also necessary to grant more time for debates and in-depth studies.”

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