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Alabama unlikely to approve casino legislation

Alabama is still one of the few states unwilling to recognize the power of gambling

A group of Alabama state lawmakers are currently examining the subject of legalized gambling. However, one state senator thinks it has just a small chance of making it through the next legislative session.

State Senator Sam Givhan (R-Huntsville) reacted to the concept of a potential gambling or lottery bill being introduced in 2024 on WVVN’s “The Dale Jackson Show” on Thursday. “I know there’s a huge demand amongst all constituencies, but particularly Republican constituencies, for a clean lottery bill, but I just don’t see where there are votes in the Senate to pass anything on casinos,” said Givhan. “Especially when you’re not doing anything in an open-ended, an open bidding project.”

Givhan believes the concepts being discussed won’t work to get meaningful legislation passed. “In some brief comments from other legislators, and reading press reports, it looks like they’re operating out of the framework that existed before,” he declared, “which is allowing the existing … quasi-legal … gaming operations now having an exclusive and giving the Poarch Creek Indians an exclusive in northeast Alabama, which I’m hearing those people don’t want, those people being the citizens. I know there’s some politicians up there that want it because they want the money, but there’s a lot of citizens up there that do not want it from what I’m hearing.”

Givhan also thinks current gaming statutes aren’t being enforced, which creates more complications. “I’m a little discouraged that law enforcement hasn’t already found them and shut them down,” he said. “I think the laws on the books say shut everything down now. So why are we joking around with this thing?”

While Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter says the issue needs to be confronted soon, he deliberately kept gaming legislation from the floor last session, thinking it would shift attention from passing other important legislation.

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