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Alabama resistance to gambling legislation remains strong

Alabama resistance to gambling legislation remains strong

The chances of Alabama getting into gambling in 2024 don’t seem very high

A constitutional amendment to legalize gambling could be on the floor during the 2024 session of the Alabama Legislature. However, the winner of the special election to replace former Senate Majority Leader Clay Scofield in State Senate District 9 probably won’t be voting to pass the bill in next year’s session.

State Representatives Brock Colvin, Wes Kitchens and former Morgan County Commissioner Stacy Georgel are the candidates for the vacant seat. They recently expressed to 1819 News that they strongly opposed expanding gaming in Alabama.

That single “no” vote could be crucial, as gambling proponents must receive the required three-fifths supermajority for a constitutional amendment to be put on the ballot for the general election.

“During my campaigns for the State House in 2018, and again in 2022, I have consistently told voters that I am a ‘Conservative Voice’ they can depend on and that I oppose the expansion of gambling in my district and in our state,” said Kitchens.

Colvin says he doesn’t think there are enough votes to pass any gaming legislation, and Brock told 1819 News, “I’m a ‘no’ vote; it’s no secret. I don’t believe in expanding comprehensive gaming in Alabama.”

George expressed that if he wins the District 9 seat, he will oppose the lottery and gambling for the same reasons he’s against state alcohol sales and abortion, saying, “I’m a solid ‘no.'”

George also said he believed gambling expansion would put Alabama in a bad covenant, so he would not support any extended gaming legislation.

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