Gambling Legislation

A gaming organization in Mexico wants new online legislation

A lack of federal oversight is leading to a call for better control of online gambling

The Association of Permit Holders, Operators and Providers of the Entertainment and Gambling Industry in Mexico (AIEJA, for its Spanish acronym) has requested updates to gaming regulations in the country. The change, according to the organization, is needed in order to address the more than 100 online gaming companies that work without control nationwide.

Miguel Ángel Ochoa, president of AIEJA, recently pointed out that it is essential that the federal government implement a single fiscal tax. This should be distributed in an equitable manner with states and municipalities where there are casinos. In this sense, he emphasized that 60% of online gaming comes from operators outside the country. These generate $300 million in revenue, but they don’t pay taxes.

Of all the active online gambling operators in Mexico, the most reliable are those that work with the permits issued by the Ministry of the Interior, according to Ochoa. These licensed entities comply with all the required parameters, making their service considered reliable for users. The licenses are visible on the websites and guarantee that said platforms operate 100% legally, in addition to complying with their tax obligations.

In addition, the AIEJA argues that gambling harm affects 1.3% of players. The unlicensed platforms represent a problem by not complying with standards that guarantee a safe environment for bettors and operators. While countries like Colombia, Spain and Peru already use self-exclusion options, Mexico has not yet implemented them. This lag makes it difficult to timely detect individuals prone to addiction, according to the AIEJA.

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