Texas cop busts man running massive Bitcoin ATM scam

Texas cop busts man running massive Bitcoin ATM scam

A man acting as a Chase Bank employee almost cost an elderly woman $40,000

An ongoing scam by a person claiming to be a Chase Bank employee was thwarted after a White Settlement, Texas, police officer intercepted the con as it was developing. The incident involved an elderly woman who was seen trying to deposit $40,000 into a Bitcoin ATM machine.

On June 19, the White Settlement Police Department (WSPD) responded to a call from a concerned party who witnessed the woman depositing a large amount of cash into the Bitcoin ATM. The caller thought the woman was a scam victim when they overheard her phone conversation with the perpetrator.

The WSPD stated that the victim was threatened with arrest if the funds weren’t deposited, which is a common scheme used by pig butchering scammers. The victim also said her caller ID showed “Chase Bank,” which made her believe the caller was a bank official.

The scammer sent a ride service to take the woman to a local Chase Bank branch to withdraw the funds. She was then led to a Bitcoin ATM at a local convenience store, where she was instructed to deposit the cash.

Police dashcam footage showed an officer responding to the call and taking over the conversation. The imposter still tried to talk the victim into completing the transaction before the officer stopped her. Unfortunately, she had already deposited $23,900.

In collaboration with government officials, local authorities are working to recover and return the funds to the victim. The responding officer, Sergeant James Stewart, said, “All I could do was visualize my mom in this case. […] I wish we could find this guy and place him behind bars for a very long time because he is probably doing this to other people.”

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