Iran’s terrorist groups just lost millions of dollars in cryptocurrency following seizure

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has a secret channel of funding cut off by Israel

Israel revealed on Tuesday that it had successfully confiscated a substantial amount of cryptocurrency, worth millions of dollars, from both the notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Al-Quds Force and the terrorist organization Hezbollah. The IRGC’s elite division, known as the Quds Force, has long been engaged in instigating unrest and spreading terror outside Iran’s borders, whereas Hezbollah serves as the Iranian proxy group. This remarkable feat marks the most significant cryptocurrency seizure thus far, as per the announcement made by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

Israel’s Defense Ministry collaborates alongside the Mossad, IDF intelligence, the police and other institutions to combat terrorism through their groundbreaking initiative, the Economic War on Terror. Spearheading this effort, Gallant explained how they effectively employ cutting-edge technological resources to track and uncover funds utilized for terrorist activities. Presently, Israel has acquired a collection of cryptocurrencies that were originally intended for nefarious purposes by diverse terrorist organizations.

“We are taking all the possible measures to cut off the economic ‘oxygen supply’ to terror organizations,” Gantz said. “We continue to expand the tools to cope with terror and the companies that support it. I commend the organizations involved for their intelligence, operational, and legal cooperation. We will continue to take all the measures necessary to fight terror by any means and in any way.”

In the context of countering terrorism financing, Israel demonstrated its determination to halt such activities by confiscating a substantial amount of cryptocurrency from Hamas, the prominent extremist group in control of the Gaza Strip. Highlighting their commitment, Gantz affirmed that Israel has and will continue to exhaust all efforts in curbing the funding sources of terrorism.

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