Bitcoin has “strategic importance” to national security, cites US Space Force

Bitcoin has "strategic importance" to national security, cites US Space Force

The newest branch of the Armed Forces supports the expansion of cryptocurrency

Major Jason Lowery of the US Space Force says the US should formally investigate utilizing proof-of-work networks like Bitcoin (BTC) to protect from cyber-inflicted warfare.

On December 2, Lowery demonstrated in a four-page letter to the US Defense Innovation Board that while Bitcoin is primarily viewed as a “monetary system” to secure funds, few realize that Bitcoin can secure “all forms of data, messages or command signals.” “As a result, this misconception underplays the technology’s broad strategic significance for cybersecurity and, consequently, national security.”

The Defense Innovation Board is an independent advisory board aimed at bringing tech innovations of Silicon Valley to the US Military. Lowery utilized the letter to encourage the panel to recommend that the Secretary of Defense examine the “national strategic importance” of PoW systems such as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s conceivable cybersecurity applications are enormous, according to Lowery, and could play a crucial role in the US preserving its status as the world leader. He contends that Bitcoin’s cybersecurity aligns “perfectly with a strategic offset” and that by not implementing, the Department of Defense may have already “lost valuable time.”

In a separate X thread, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong asserted that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could be pivotal in aiding the US to preserve its domination with the US dollar.

“I think it will be a natural check and balance that will complement the dollar and be the best defender of long-term American interests,” he added.

Armstrong highlighted that it’s better to shift from dollars to cryptocurrencies than to another fiat currency if the US dollar loses its power, saying that the emergence of flat coins and US dollar-backed stablecoins like USD Coin (USDC) will have a “major role in unifying these worlds.”

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