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Optimal hand setting strategies in online Pai Gow

Optimal hand setting strategies in online Pai Gow

Pay close attention to the low and high cards in Pai Gow to make the best hands

Optimal hand setting strategies in online Pai Gow poker are crucial for maximizing your chances of winning in this unique and strategic card game. With the goal of creating both a high and low hand to beat the dealer, players must approach hand setting with careful consideration.

One fundamental strategy is prioritizing the formation of a strong high hand. Since the high hand must outrank the low hand, it’s essential to carefully assess the distribution of cards and aim for the highest possible combination without compromising the low hand excessively. This often involves placing the strongest two cards in the high hand.

Balancing the low hand is equally important. While the low hand doesn’t need to be as strong as the high hand, it should still be formidable enough to beat the dealer’s low hand. Typically, placing pairs or two high cards in the low hand can be an effective strategy. However, the specific composition may vary based on the remaining cards.

When dealt a hand with no pairs or significant combinations, a common strategy is to place the highest single card in the low hand while constructing the high hand with the remaining two cards. This approach seeks to maintain a strong high hand while ensuring the low hand remains competitive.

It’s crucial to adapt these strategies based on the specific rules of the Pai Gow poker variant being played. Some variations have specific guidelines for optimal hand setting, such as the “house way” used in many casinos.

Moreover, players should consider the potential of the Joker, if in play. The Joker can serve as a wild card, aiding in completing certain combinations. Integrating the Joker strategically into the hand setting process can enhance the overall strength of both the high and low hands.

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