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How to count cards in online blackjack

It might be more difficult to count cards in online blackjack, but there are ways to make it work

Counting cards in online blackjack can be a bit more challenging than in a physical casino due to the virtual nature of the game and the use of random number generators. However, it’s not impossible. A simplified guide on how to count cards in online blackjack can go a long way.

Card counting is a strategy used to track the ratio of high to low-value cards left in the deck. High cards (10s, face cards, and aces) are favorable to the player, as they increase the chances of getting a blackjack or a strong hand. Low cards (2-6) benefit the dealer.

Select a card-counting system that suits your skill level. The Hi-Lo system is a popular choice for beginners. Assign a value to each card (+1 for low cards, 0 for neutral cards, and -1 for high cards) and keep a running count as cards are dealt.

Before attempting card counting, ensure you have a solid grasp of basic blackjack strategy. This involves making the best decisions based on your hand and the dealer’s upcard.

Choose reputable online casinos that offer live dealer blackjack. Live dealer games involve real decks and human dealers, making card counting more feasible.

Keep an eye on the cards being dealt and maintain a running count. Remember that in online blackjack, the deck is shuffled more frequently, so your counts might be shorter-lived compared to a physical casino.

Modify your bets based on the count. When the count is positive (indicating more high cards are left), increase your bets. When the count is negative, bet smaller or even minimize your bets.

Online casinos are vigilant against card counting. Avoid drastic bet changes, and mimic the behavior of a casual player to avoid detection.

There are software tools available that can assist in card counting by tracking the count for you. While these tools can be helpful for practicing, make sure to rely on your skills in a real game.

Keep in mind that even though card counting is legal, some online casinos might frown upon it and might restrict or ban you from their platform if they suspect you’re counting cards.

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