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Tips for betting the over/under in MLB

Several factors make a big difference when deciding how to bet the over/under in baseball

In almost every significant MLB game, the over/under bet remains a constant feature. This wager involves placing your bet on whether both teams’ total runs will be above (over) or below (under) the predetermined set of numbers. It is a popular choice for non-professional bettors and appealing because you can root for either team. Before choosing how to bet, though, it’s important to know what factors might influence the total.

One major factor is the performance of the pitcher, which can heavily influence the outcome of the game. It’s possible for a matchup featuring two talented starting pitchers to show an over/under of six. A team’s numbers will drop when its pitchers can prevent runs or depend on a scarce bullpen.

When a team is experiencing a prolonged batting slump and is encountering difficulties in adding runs, the sportsbooks exploit this and push the over/under down. Conversely, if two teams have an abundance of powerful hitters and this is their ultimate game, it will push the number up.

Certain stadiums are more affected by weather conditions than others. Take Wrigley Field in Chicago, for instance, which can see an over/under as low as 6 or as high as 12, depending on the direction of the wind. When the wind is in favor of the Cubs, home runs are more likely.

Logically, a game’s over/under requires adjustments when star players or pitchers face injuries. This presents an opportunity to strategically optimize and leverage the situation.

Some fields are ideal for batters, while others are suitable for pitchers. The figures for a game played in Denver will be higher because of Coors Field and the thin air. Conversely, the numbers will differ if the match takes place in Arizona.

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