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Tips for betting on the over/under in football

Betting on the over/under of a football game offers a unique challenge

Moneylines and spreads are widely known among bettors. However, few pay attention to the totals. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned bettor, it’s always worthwhile to review your sports betting strategy and follow proven strategies if you want to target a game’s total.

The total, also referred to as over/under, pertains to the act of betting on the cumulative scores by both teams during a particular game. Betting on totals provides an excellent alternative for individuals who remain unconvinced about picking one particular team to win. Additionally, it can prove to be advantageous for those who possess the ability to foresee the pace and scoring trends of a game.

Throughout football betting, one can find various totals like 43, 44, 41 and 37. Additionally, there are 51, 47, 40, and 33 to consider. Betting properly on the correct side of these numbers, depending on whether you are moving up or down, is essential for winning.

This can be accomplished by following the sportsbooks. Their goal is to maximize coverage for the highest probability of victory when placing a bet. The strategy may involve knowing the regulations of the bookmaker and wagering on the over early, followed by a waiting period until near the match time to place a bet on the under.

Bettors often place their wagers late, which forces the sportsbooks to adjust their lines. The late betting can cause the totals to be inflated, creating increased value for the under as the game is about to start. Following that same logic, bettors who want to back the over should do so as earlier as possible, since this allows them to lock in the number before the late bettors drive it higher.

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