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The pros and cons of futures bets in sports betting

Futures bets can offer sizable returns but may not always be the best options

Futures bets in sports betting involve placing wagers on events or outcomes that will be determined in the future, often at the end of a sports season or tournament. These bets offer both advantages and disadvantages for bettors.

Pros of Futures Bets

One of the most attractive aspects of futures bets is the potential for significant payouts. Odds are typically higher for futures bets because they are placed well in advance, which can lead to substantial profits if you make the right prediction.

Futures bets can enhance your enjoyment of a sports season or tournament as you have a vested interest in the outcome over an extended period. It keeps you engaged throughout the season.

If you can identify undervalued teams or players before the season starts, you may lock in favorable odds. This early value can result in more substantial winnings if your selection performs well.

As the season progresses, you may have opportunities to hedge your bets by placing wagers on opposing outcomes. This allows you to secure a profit or minimize losses.

Futures bets can diversify your betting portfolio beyond daily or weekly wagers, spreading risk across different events or sports.

Cons of Futures Bets

When you place a futures bet, your funds are locked up until the event’s conclusion, which can limit your bankroll for other betting opportunities in the meantime.

Futures bets can tie up your money for a long time, sometimes months, or even an entire sports season. This lack of liquidity can be a drawback if you need quick access to your betting funds.

Injuries or other unforeseen circumstances can dramatically alter the outcome of a season or tournament, potentially rendering your futures bet worthless.

While the potential payouts can be substantial, the return on investment for futures bets is often lower than that of other, more immediate betting options.

The long wait for the outcome can lead to stress and anxiety, especially if you’re heavily invested in a futures bet. The emotional toll can be high, impacting your overall betting experience.

Sportsbooks may offer a limited selection of futures bets, which can restrict your options and lead to less diversity in your betting strategy.

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