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The basics of round robin betting

Round robin bets increase the thrill of sports betting, but also the risk of losing

Round robin betting is a popular and versatile form of wagering that involves creating multiple parlay bets from a selection of teams or outcomes. It’s an excellent option for bettors looking to diversify their bets and increase their chances of winning while managing risk, but requires following a few guidelines.

Start by selecting a group of teams or events you want to bet on. These could be games in various sports or different types of bets within a single sport, such as point spreads, moneylines, or totals.

A round robin bet involves creating all possible combinations of parlays from your selected bets. For instance, if you’re betting on three teams (A, B, and C), a round robin bet would create parlays like AB, AC, and BC.

Round robin bets can include multiple teams, generally ranging from 3 to 8. The more teams you include, the more combinations of parlays are created, increasing both potential wins and the cost of the bet.

When you place a round robin bet, you’ll need to determine the bet amount for each individual parlay. The total cost of the round robin bet will depend on the number of combinations and the bet amount for each.

Round robin betting can be a strategy for risk management. Even if one of your parlays loses, you still have the opportunity to win on other combinations, potentially minimizing losses.

Round robin bets offer the potential for multiple payouts if some or all of your parlays are successful. Keep in mind that while your chances of winning increase, the payouts for individual parlays might be smaller compared to if you had bet on each parlay separately.

Round robin bets provide flexibility by allowing you to place multiple bets with a single stake. It’s particularly useful when you have a strong hunch about several different outcomes and want to cover various possibilities.

As the number of teams and combinations increases, so does the cost of the round robin bet. Be mindful of your bankroll and budget when selecting the number of teams and bet amounts.

As with any form of betting, research is essential. Analyze the teams, assess the odds, and use your knowledge to create combinations that provide the best chance of winning.

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