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Super Bowl odds updated before the regular season

The NFL is finally back in 10 days night with defending-champ Kansas City hosting upstart Detroit. We will have all the Week 1 game odds in an article later this week but this is also the perfect time to look at the updated Super Bowl Odds at the ACR Poker sportsbook.

Kansas City (+694) is the favorite but are followed pretty closely by Philadelphia, San Francisco and Buffalo. When we last looked at the Super Bowls odds in April, it was San Francisco who was the favorite among NFC teams.

One team that has seen an odds decline is the NY Jets (+1609). They were +1150 in April when it was widely assumed that quarterback Aaron Rodgers would be coming over from Green Bay. Rodgers is, of course, with the Jets now but expectations for the team have dropped some since the initial hysteria.

One team that has had a big jump is Baltimore (+1760). The Ravens were previously +3550 but there is a lot more optimism surrounding the club since the Lamar Jackson extension.

2023 Super Bowl odds:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (+694)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles (+749)
  3. San Francisco 49ers (+779)
  4. Buffalo Bills (+800)
  5. Cincinnati Bengals (+1006)
  6. Dallas Cowboys (+1307)
  7. New York Jets (+1609)
  8. Baltimore Ravens (+1760)
  9. Los Angeles Chargers (+1810)
  10. Miami Dolphins (+2262)
  11. Detroit Lions (+2463)
  12. Cleveland Browns (+2542)
  13. Jacksonville Jaguars (+2966)
  14. Seattle Seahawks (+3016)
  15. New Orleans Saints (+4222)
  16. Minnesota Vikings (+4988)
  17. Pittsburgh Steelers (+5730)
  18. Green Bay Packers (+6333)
  19. Denver Broncos (+6534)
  20. New England Patriots (+6534)
  21. New York Giants (+6736)
  22. Atlanta Falcons (+8042)
  23. Chicago Bears (+8545)
  24. Las Vegas Raiders (+8585)
  25. Tennessee Titans (+9550)
  26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+10053)
  27. Washington Football Team (+12064)
  28. Los Angeles Rams (+12265)
  29. Carolina Panthers (+13069)
  30. Indianapolis Colts (+13069)
  31. Houston Texans (+21615)
  32. Arizona Cardinals (+35187)

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