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How to create winning parlay bets

Parlay bets offer a massive reward but are harder to hit

On Sundays, football fans indulge in a guilty pleasure known as NFL parlay betting. As they wager less in hopes of winning more, they seize the opportunity to increase their winnings. Although NFL games offer the possibility of parlay bets on every game, betting on them is considered to be more uncertain than straight bets. However, by adhering to effective NFL betting strategies and tips, bettors can decrease the risk.

When placing a parlay bet, one must combine multiple wagers into a single bet with the promise of a considerable payout. However, the catch is that every individual bet within the parlay must be correct, as even just one incorrect wager will result in a loss for the entire bet.

The reason why an eight-team game holds such a high payout of 18,000% is due to the low probability of success – just 0.55%. To increase your chances of success when placing a parlay bet, it’s essential to accurately assess your odds and expectations. You have much better odds of succeeding with a two- or three-leg parlay bet than with an eight-leg bet.

To increase your chances of winning in NFL betting, consider linking multiple bet types together. A savvy tactic involves including a 10.5-point favorite who needs a significant number of points to cover the gap. In this scenario, betting on the favorite to cover while also adding a bet on the over 48.5 and a 7.5 spread, for example, could prove profitable.

When participating in parlay betting, the final game often proves to be decisive. As you approach the last leg with a perfect track record of wins, it becomes prudent to assess your potential payout. One possibility to ensure a guaranteed profit is to hedge your bet selection by placing a supplementary wager. If you’re already up with your winnings on the parlay, bet the opposite side of the final leg in order to balance things out in case the leg loses.

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