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How to bet on the middle in sports

Betting on the middle can be a great way to minimize potential losses

Betting on the middle in sports involves placing wagers on two different outcomes of a single game or event in a way that creates the possibility of winning both bets if the final score falls within a specific range. This strategy is most commonly used in point spread betting and over/under (total) betting.

The middle betting strategy hinges on taking advantage of differences in point spreads or total (over/under) lines set by different sportsbooks. These differences can create a “middle” range in which both bets could win.

Look for games where two different sportsbooks offer point spreads or total lines that create a window of opportunity between them. For instance, if one book offers a point spread of -5 for Team A and another offers +7 for Team B, a middle opportunity may exist if the final score falls between a 6-point margin of victory.

To execute a middle bet, you place two bets with different sportsbooks, each on opposite sides of the middle range. In the example above, you might bet on Team A at -5 with one book and Team B at +7 with another.

Possible Outcomes:

  • If Team A wins by exactly 6 points, both of your bets would win, resulting in a significant profit.
  • If Team A wins by more than 7 points or loses, you would likely lose one of the bets while the other wins, resulting in a smaller loss or potentially breaking even due to the middle opportunity.
  • If Team B loses by less than 5 points or wins the game, a similar outcome as above could occur.

Middle betting involves risk, as there’s a chance of losing both bets. However, if you’ve calculated the odds and potential outcomes carefully, you can create a situation where the potential reward outweighs the risk.

To find profitable middle opportunities, it’s essential to shop around different sportsbooks to compare their odds. Keep in mind that bookmakers adjust lines based on betting activity, so these opportunities may be short-lived.

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