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Choosing between the moneyline and the puck line in NHL betting

Choosing between the moneyline and the puck line in NHL betting

Bettors can always bet on both, but sometimes it makes sense to choose one or the other

Choosing between the moneyline and the puck line in NHL betting involves considering various factors to make an informed decision based on the specific circumstances of each game. Bettors don’t always have to choose between the two, although sometimes, it makes more sense.

The moneyline is a straightforward bet on which team will win the game outright. If the matchup is expected to be closely contested or if there is no clear favorite, the moneyline might be the preferred option. In situations where one team is heavily favored, however, the potential payout on the moneyline may be low, prompting bettors to seek alternative options.

The puck line, on the other hand, involves a point spread where the favored team must win by a certain margin, and the underdog can lose by a specific number of goals or win outright for the bet to be successful. Puck line bets offer higher payouts for favorites and provide a cushion for underdogs.

Consider the teams involved and their recent performance. If a team has been consistently winning by a comfortable margin, the puck line might be more attractive. Conversely, if the teams are evenly matched or if the underdog has been performing well, the moneyline could be a better choice.

Evaluate the goaltenders. In hockey, the performance of goaltenders significantly impacts the outcome of a game. If a team has a standout goalie, it might be more appealing to bet on the moneyline, as the goaltender’s skills could lead to a close victory.

Factor in injuries and team dynamics. If a key player is injured, it could influence the game’s outcome. Assess how the absence of a player might affect the team’s performance and make a decision based on the overall team dynamics.

Consider home-ice advantage. In hockey, playing at home can provide a significant boost to a team’s performance. Take into account the home team’s record and whether they have a history of performing well in their own arena.

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